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Welcoming Prospective HKS Students

HKSDC and HKS Admissions director Matt Clemons held a lively and well-attended reception for prospective students interested in applying to the Kennedy School. The event was held at the Verizon Technology and Policy Center, which generously donated the venue for the evening.

Prospective students enjoyed hors d'oeuvres while mingling with alumni, who enthusiastically answered questions about HKS. Clemons welcomed the applicants and explained the HKS admission process, highlighting that the Kennedy School welcomes a diverse pool of candidates from all backgrounds and experiences.

HKSDC Council President Ben Goldsmith kicked off an alumni panel by recognizing the extensive network of HKS alums around the world as one of the highlights of the HKS experience. The alumni panel then shared their favorite memories of their respective HKS experiences, with the underlining thread being the strong and dynamic community that they enjoyed at HKS.

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