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DC Alumni Discuss HKS Career Paths from Graduation Onward

HKS Career Advancement Office visits DC Alumni

for Interactive Discussion on Career Paths

Thirty HKS alumni from all degree programs gathered early on a Tuesday morning for a lively and insightful discussion on plotting and building a public policy career post-HKS. Mary Beaulieu, Assistant Dean and Director for the Office of Career Advancement, shared a detailed breakdown of the number of graduating HKS students who move to DC every year, and the changing organizations where they land jobs. Then, Mary and Amy Davies, Senior Director of Alumni Relations, led a discussion with alumni on the twists and turns of navigating their public policy careers in DC. The discussion focused on topics as varied as the challenges of federal hiring and receiving security clearances, to new types of skills in demand in the workplace today.

This panel is the start of long-term discussion within the HKS alumni community about the changing definition of public service in Washington, DC today. For more information on the presentation or this initiative, contact

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