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HKS Celebrates JFK@100 on the Capitol Hill

Over 215 alumni and guests attended the HKS DC Alumni Council's Fall Reception in the Rayburn Building's Gold Room on Capitol Hill. The reception is held annually to welcome new graduates to the DC community. Held on October 11th from 6 pm until 8:30 pm, alumni included six Members of Congress who are also HKS alums.

The reception this year paid tribute to the centennial of JFK's birthday. Congressman Joseph Kennedy responded to Council President Ben Goldsmith's welcome with thanks for the continued commitment of the HKS community to public service. Congresswoman Martha McSally and Congressman Raul Ruiz were across-the-aisle co-hosts of the event. Congressman Ruiz spoke of the importance of such gatherings to foster public service that genuinely impacts and improves communities in multiple fields.

The event was generously sponsored by the HKS Office of Alumni Relations whose continued partnership is hugely valued by the Council. Thank you to Amy Davies, Shae Callahan, Kristen Messervy, Lauren Lee and Mary Beaulieu for their support for this event.

After the event, organizer Jayme Johnson noted the following contributors and gave thanks to:

  • Ashlee Bierworth from Congresswoman Martha McSally's office for reserving the room

  • Amy Davies and her team for their extremely generous donation of time and resources

  • Shae Callahan and Kristen Messervy for managing registration and the name badges

  • Ben Goldsmith for being Master of Ceremonies

  • Barbara Zadina for communicating with representatives across Congress

  • David Rosenberg for serving as a date-of-event liaison to VIPs

  • Lourdes Tinajero for endless planning, attention to detail and execution

  • Joey Wang for managing the logistics, displays, programs, videography, raffle and gifts

  • Cindy Ann Peterson for orchestrating the gifts and many details on the night

  • Susie Schainost for her contributions as photographer

  • Katie D'Hondt for managing the welcome committee

  • Cristina Gaginsky, Ankur Shukla, Daniel Koroma, Irina Kunovskaya, Laurie Kurth, Stan Duvall, Monica Ramirez, George Arterberry and Tim Purinton for welcoming guests

  • Lisa-Joy Zgorski for arranging entertainment by musicians and providing guidance as Council treasurer

  • Pierre Glover for serving as the day-of-event point of contact for catering staff

  • Beth Adimasu and Capitol Host catering for superb food, drinks and service

The Council is a non-partisan, apolitical organization recognizing the value of diversity and leadership. Click here for information on how you can contribute to Council programming and initiatives.

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