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Prof. David Eaves Speaks on Digital Transformation in Government and at HKS

On Thursday, September 7, the HKS DC Alumni Council hosted Professor David Eaves and over 20 alumni to discuss how the technology revolution mandates that we rethink traditional assumptions of government service provision.

Hosted by Chris Wolz (MPP '91) and ForumOne at their downtown DC office space in OpenGov Hub, Professor Eaves spent an hour challenging alumni to transition from a traditional 'waterfall' (linear) approach to a more continuously improving 'agile' (cyclical) approach when considering government problems. He also presented his philosophy for injecting technology-based courses, case studies, and considerations into the HKS curriculum. Following the presentation, alumni asked questions and provided feedback on the technology curriculum.

Alumni interested in these topics may also want to explore the 2017 Digital Governance Unconference on October 27-28, 2017 in Cambridge and the Executive Education course "Digital Transformation in Government" on February 11-16, 2018, both featuring Prof. Eaves.

Special thanks to Bridget Gildea from HKS Executive Education for her help planning and coordinating this event and Councilors Katie D'Hondt, Joey Wang, Lucila Abroleya, and Ben Goldsmith for their help executing the event.

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