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Launch of HKS DC Alumni Senior Executives Public Service Group

The inaugural meeting of KASE, the Kennedy School Alumni Senior Executives in DC, was held on March 30.

Goals for KASE include engaging senior level HKS DC alumni in program activities, and leveraging our years of accumulated experience and expertise to address major local, national and global issues. The first meeting brought a great deal of interest and excitement in this new HKS DC Council project.

Prior to the meeting, a survey of proposed KASE programming was sent to alumni. There were 67 respondents to the survey. The three leading areas of interest were a) pro-bono consulting for nonprofits, b) panels/roundtable discussions and c) working with AARP on senior career placement.

Discussion at the meeting centered on those top three items. There is strong interest in offering our pro-bono consulting services to area non-profits. Also, the group agreed to begin panel/roundtable luncheons and/or happy hours. Lead discussants will all be members of DC Council and alumni as there is great interest in sharing and learning from expertise within our own family. Finally, AARP is working on a project to support senior executives, including full-time, semi-retired and retired, to find new positions. AARP has invited KASE to partner on this project.

Any DC Alumni interested in joining one of the KASE activities should contact Henry Smith at or Irina Kunovskaya at

It is with huge appreciation from the HKS DC Alumni Council to Henry and Irina for their dedication to the cause in getting this initiative off the ground.

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