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Extraordinary Experience Walking - behind the Scenes at the Kennedy Center

On Wednesday March 8th at the Kennedy Center, prior to a performance of 'Dead Man Walking' - a contemporary operatic interpretation of the 1993 account of a spiritual adviser supporting two men on Death Row - eight HKS alums were treated to a private, escorted behind the scenes tour by Washington National Opera Executive Director, Michael Mael.

During the following 40-minute tour, he regaled the group with his rich insight and knowledge of the stage, the Kennedy Center, and what's involved in complicated productions. His descriptions were replete in details about the two contemporary operas that week - Dead Man Walking and The Champion - occasionally interrupting his description to greet and often to introduce us to individuals playing prominent roles in the production on and behind the stage. What an experience.

And then the group were treated to a truly extraordinary and provocative performance, which unearths and explores many of the challenging debates on the death penalty. It was a wonderful evening.

The Council should continue 'pushing the envelope' to allow HKS alums to explore policy, culture and the nation's capital in innovative ways.

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