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HKS DC Alumni Council Inauguration Day Event

On Inauguration Day, Friday January 20th, the Kennedy School Alumni Council watched history unfold with fifty HKS affiliates and friends on a downtown rooftop at the direct center of the inaugural parade route. Guests traveled from over six states and made new friends as they enjoyed beer and wine, a chocolate fountain and inauguration themed fare. Attendees represented all segments of the political spectrum, united in their appreciation for government and public policy. Given the broad breadth of viewpoints and the wealth of expertise at the event, some great conversations were had, some great divides were breached, and some extraordinary partnerships were formed. As one guest later commented, “the stunning party” was “proof that intelligent Americans with divergent political beliefs can engage in civil and rational dialogue.” Proximity to the parade and the new president was so close that attendees had to submit their driver's licenses to the Secret Service for vetting in advance. The Kennedy School Alumni Council, in its commitment to nonpartisan public policy excellence, was proud to host the full-to-capacity-with-a-waiting-list event and looks forward to the many future events that continue to unite our community.

Photo by Wendy Pangburn

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