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Jimmy Tingle For President... The People's Candidate

Fifty five alumni and friends gathered at Busbuoys and Poets at 5th & K, NW for a special evening of topical stand-up, with one of our own, Jimmy Tingle (MC/MPA, 2010).

In an exclusive, private event, HKS D.C. alumni joined Jimmy to laugh it up and kick off the final four weeks leading up to Election Day. Comedian, satirist, and social enterprise founder of “Humor for Humanity”, Jimmy Tingle brought his unique brand of political insight to D.C. for a special look at the 2016 Election.

Jimmy covered a lot of ground in a 60min set, including all the key issues: immigration, the economy, policing, infrastructure, terrorism and foreign policy.

Harvard’s 2010 commencement speaker ceremony, Jimmy has extensive film, TV, and radio comedy credits, and has appeared on CBS, CNN, Conan O’Brien, NPR, PBS, the BBC, HBO and many others. Now he turns his comedic perspective on the 2016 race as well as the issues that the next president will be grappling with, including free speech, immigration, climate change, technology, and many more.

Thank you to Donald Tighe for organizing this special event, and a special thank you to Jimmy Tingle himself, who volunteered his time for the alumni community here in D.C. Yet another unique event for a special, unique community. Thank you to all those who attended.

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