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Memorial Walking Tour

On a day of memorial and reflection for the United States, twelve HKS alumni, family and friends met on a beautiful, breezy Sunday morning on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for a special walking tour of the western part of the National Mall in the nation's capital, led by HKS alum, Dr. Richard Hyde (1992).

Tour Leader Richard Hyde presents Washington's monuments in the context of American history and the contemporary political situation, both national and international. Dr. Hyde, has taught at Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins SAIS and the State Department. He has led tours for the Notre Dame Washington Program, the Center for Public Justice and the Harvard and Berkeley alumni clubs.

We heard history and stories about Harvard's role in the development of the National Mall, while visiting the Lincoln, Vietnam and World War Two memorials. It was an informative and enjoyable morning for all. Thanks to Richard Hyde for hosting this activity.

See this document for more information on the tour.

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