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How is our alumni community doing? Some stats from 2015-16

Washington, D.C. has by far the largest and most active HKS alumni community in the world. There is a 15-person elected team of Councilors who volunteer their time (with many others) to provide activities for alums.

As a newly elected HKS Alumni Council settles in for 2016-17, we think that it is important to show what our alumni network has achieved in the last 12 months here in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

In 2015-16, 1,179 HKS alumni participated in 18 alumni activities in the D.C. metropolitan area. 50% of activities related to public policy, 33% to building our social networks, and 17% to career development.

Visit for more details or view our 2015-16 road map here (kindly created by Executive Education alum and loyal Council friend, Joey Wang).

Our intention at the start of the year was to increase our reserves to $5,000 to provide our non-profit organization with the agility, resilience and capability to support the very best activities for our alumni community. On August 1st 2015, the Council's reserves stood at $1459.35, and a year later they rose to $6107.50. We are now reviewing our budgeting and ticketing policy in response to this increase in reserves.

We seek to do better for you, our community. We seek to reignite the spirit and electricity of the Harvard Kennedy School, but here in D.C. We seek to make participation irresistible to you.

With over 4,600 HKS alumni on our mailing list, but an estimated 9,000+ alumni based in D.C., the Council is always seeking more effective ways to engage our community. We're always asking what we can do - for you.

We will shortly release a brief online survey to all alums registered with us. The results will help us achieve what you want us to. Keep an eye out for this survey in the coming weeks.

Thank you to you for your support and participation. Participation is the only currency that really matters.

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