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A great reminder of leadership lessons...

Councilor Ruma Samdani (MPA 2012) hosted Henna Inam, author of 'Wired for Authenticity'. The discussion drew on Henna's extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Transformational Leadership. 24 alumni attended on a dark Wednesday evening, but left invigorated and stimulated by Henna's insights and the opportunity to delve into leadership concepts and approaches, just like many had done at HKS.

Ruma Samdani kindly arranged, hosted and chaired the discussion with Henna.

Michael Kohler (MPA 2014 and pictured far right) is leading an Adaptive Leadership Special Interest Group (SIG). This group held a highly successful and sold out conference on Adaptive Leadership at HKS in October with over 200 alumni from around the globe returning to relive their experiences with Professors O'Doherty, O'Brien, Linksy and Heifetz.

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