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Four Head Hunters Demystify the World of Executive Recruitment

How does one successfully compete for top jobs in the nonprofit sector in and around Washington DC? Four of DC’s top “head hunters” shed light on this question and began to demystify the field of executive recruitment.

To a standing-room-only crowd of nearly 100 alumni, Wendy Pangburn, herself an accomplished executive recruiter and principal of her own firm, Pangram Partners, moderated the panel--a gathering that in and of itself was somewhat remarkable, as competition in the field of executive recruitment runs rampant. Yet, these recruiters--Stephanie Tomasso of Russell Reynolds, Jim Zaniello of Vetted Solutions and Charlie Ingersoll of Korn Ferry—bound by work in the nonprofit space, a fondness and respect for the panel’s moderator and an appreciation for the talent-rich population of alums of Harvard’s Kennedy School—gathered together on one panel to impart wisdom to those seeking employment and advancement.

The rest of the annual Career Networking Night was a rousing success, with over 120 mentors and hundreds of students and alums participating. In no other case is the power of the partnership that HKS has built with HKSDC so apparent as with this annual event.

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